The Must-visit Attractions of Nanjing in Autumn and Winter

Maples in Qixia Mountain

Known as “Spring in Niushou, Autumn in Qixia”, the most beautiful autumn scenery in Jinling (Nanjing) can be found at Qixia Mountain. Qixia Mountain is one of China’s four major maple-viewing destinations. In October, the maple leaves begin to turn red, and as autumn deepens, the continuous expanse of maple forests, bathed in hues of red, creates a spectacular and breathtaking sight.

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Liuhe Chishan Lake Wetland Park

Covering thousands of acres, the wetland park boasts a sea of pond cypresses that turn red in autumn and attract migratory birds. This area hosts the largest and best-preserved pond cypress (Taxodium ascendens) forest in the East China region. Immersed deep within the woods, you can breathe in the fresh, natural air, admire the poetic reflections on the water’s surface, engage in a conversation with the cypresses, and listen to the melodious songs of birds. It’s a contemplative and delightful experience.

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Ginkgo Trees at Pilu Temple

Tucked away in the bustling city of Nanjing, Pilu Temple is home to ginkgo trees with rich historical significance. Towards the end of autumn, the ancient ginkgo leaves gradually change from light yellow to deep gold, creating a harmonious contrast with the ancient architecture. As the ginkgo leaves flutter and fall gracefully, the landscape is adorned with a golden hue. The presence of ginkgo trees adds a profound sense of Zen to the famous temple in Nanjing.

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“Sky Mirror” at Shijiu Lake

Shijiu Lake, with its picturesque beauty, offers delightful views throughout the year. The azure sky and pristine waters reflect a clear, tranquil mirror-like surface, making it the exclusive “Sky Mirror” of Shijiu Lake. It captivates with its serene charm, particularly in the autumn and winter seasons when swans, red-crowned cranes, and other migratory birds choose to spend their winters here, adding a touch of poetic elegance to the scene.

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