Xinghua, China's First Crab Farming County, Invites You to Enjoy Crab and Chrysanthemums

Xinghua, a leisurely water town hidden in the middle of Jiangsu Province, is a picturesque city with green water, blossoming flowers and tiled houses. When autumn comes and the sky is high and clear, the enjoyment of crab and chrysanthemum is the most romantic thing here.

Wandering in the Qianduo Chrysanthemum Sea

As spring turns to autumn, the Qianduo Scenic Area changes into a new outfit under the autumn wind. Local farmers plant chrysanthemums after harvesting rape flowers in spring, forming the characteristic scenes of "rape flowers in spring and chrysanthemums in autumn".


Taking a broad view over the vast fields, the rivers and docks are interlaced, and patches of fields look like islands floating on the water. There are about 247.1 acres of marigolds planted on the islands, along with zinnias and coreopsis, presenting a beautiful landscape of "one color for one field". Boating through the islands, you will be immersed in the vast sea of flowers, and be mesmerized by the rich fragrance of the flowers. Occasionally, egrets fly into the sky and clouds surround the area, making you feel like you are in a fairyland.



Tips: Season to Enjoy Crab and Chrysanthemum: September 26 - End of October

As autumn deepens, Xinghua ushers in the travel season to enjoy crab and chrysanthemum, and invites tourists from home and abroad to experience.

Crab Street at Yinbeimen

Xinghua is a famous water town and one of the largest river crab breeding bases in China, known as the "Town of Chinese River Crab". As autumn comes, crabs become the tasty Internet celebrity. In this season for crabs tasting, let's go to enjoy the fresh and plump hairy crabs!



"Yinbeimen Crab Street" is the first food street in Xinghua with the theme of hairy crab. It used to be the most prosperous commercial street in Xinghua during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and now it has transformed into the crab street that provides residents and tourists with diverse tour experiences such as Xinghua hairy crabs, Xinghua morning tea, hairy crab banquet, night entertainment and Internet-worthy spots, etc., so that the food and the beautiful scenery can complement each other.


Walking into the stores along the street, you can not only get to know the crab culture, but also discover a variety of crab eating methods. One of the most desirable is the hairy crab banquet, which includes crab roe cakes, crab roe rolls, crab roe soup and crab meat buns to please your taste buds. Each restaurant has its own signature crab dishes, and the chefs will try their best to give you an exciting experience.

Dongluo Village by the Green Water

Autumn always favors the countryside a little more, and Dongluo Village in autumn is full of vitality and the joy of a good harvest. Neatly arranged rice paddies in bright yellow are distributed all over the lakes. With rippling waves, ripe fruits and melons, neat rows of houses, and hospital farmers, Dongluo Village is full of poetic beauty and strong appeal of water village.




Strolling through the streets in Dongluo Village, you may see stone bridges, flowing water and crisscrossed footpaths, the simple and ancient village looks peaceful and quiet under the warm autumn sun. Please explore the village history museum, watch the opera in the auditorium, and feel the vibes of the floating bazaar. In the brightly lit Dongluo Canteen, there are steamed hairy crabs, fried crab with egg white, Huadiao wine preserved crabs and other fresh crab dishes, as well as farm delicacies like baked taro, glutinous corn, yam, and water chestnut, etc. These exquisite dishes will surely satisfy the taste buds of visitors from all over the world.




When the autumn breeze blows, why not come to the countryside for a walk and savor the unique charm of the water town surrounded by green water and smell from cooking?