Harvest Autumn Beauty in the Pearl Spring

Pearl Spring Scenic Area

Pearl Spring Scenic Area is located at the foot of Laoshan Mountain in Pukou District, Nanjing. Throughout the year, the scenic area features lush trees and tranquil forests, and a crisp autumn climate. The source of Pearl Spring has strings of spring water gushing out of the stone crevices like pearls. When you arrive here, don’t forget to gently clap your hands or stomp your feet to observe an amazing phenomenon: bubbles emerging from several places at the spring bottom like a chain of pearls. Compared with the source of the Pearl Spring, the scenery of Jingshan Lake is a bit more extensive, where you can enjoy bamboo rafting, fish-watching and fishing in the peaceful autumn breeze.

The Great Wall is one of the most famous attractions in China, and in the Pearl Spring Scenic Area, there is also a Great Wall of the same size as the one in Badaling, Beijing. It is built to enable people in Nanjing to experience the magnificence contained in the saying that “One who has not reached the Great Wall is not a hero”. Climb to the top of the Great Wall, and you can look beyond the verdant Laoshan National Forest Park of Nanjing and the downtown area with high-rises. These views will please you physically and mentally.

Laoshan National Forest Park of Nanjing

Adjacent to the Pearl Spring lies Laoshan National Forest Park of Nanjing. Laoshan Mountain is not very high and so is perfect for hiking on a pleasant day in autumn. The climb is not too tiring, and you can overlook the vast autumn view of the river and the sky at the mountain top. Besides the breathtaking  natural landscapes, there are also many cultural heritages in the Forest Park. In autumn, it is a must to visit the ancient Huijie Temple, where three 1500-year-old ginkgo trees are growing, and the thickest one needs seven people to surround its trunk. Such scenery is rarely seen in the entire city of Nanjing. After climbing the mountain and enjoying the spectacular scenery, you may want to go to the southern mountain foot to visit Bulao Village, one of the most beautiful villages in China. Dubbed the “pearl of rural areas”, the village has an array of beautiful B&B lodges, teahouses, coffee shops, and even a folk culture museum and a Museum of Broken Relationships. Bulao Village is not only a stylish destination, but also a leisurely and relaxing countryside.