Come to Huishan Ancient Town to Enjoy a Grand View of the Red Chamber While Touring the Garden and Appreciating Chrysanthemums

The novel Dream of the Red Chamber has become a classic that people should not miss in China. In this beautiful season, come to Wuxi’s Huishan Ancient Town to start a journey to the Dream of the Red Chamber. The 14th China Chrysanthemum Exhibition is held in Huishan, and major cities are invited to set up exhibitions here.


As you walk into the Jichang Garden in Huishan Ancient Town, while marveling at the beauty of the pavilions and towers, you will also see learned young men and beautiful ladies coming one after another from the vague corridors. The characters of the Red Chamber, such as Jia’s mother, Jia Baoyu, Lin Daiyu and Xue Baochai, will bring you into an immersive performance in the ancient garden.


As you walk through the winding corridors of the garden, you may enjoy the beauty of chrysanthemums, taste the Huishan spring tea, view the garden scenery and the garden’s nightly beauty, and appreciate the ingenuity in the design of the garden’s lighting and layout. During the tour, the performers will accurately reproduce the plot of “poems composition” in the novel, so that visitors can feel the beauty of poetry. While enjoying the gorgeous chrysanthemums in the Huishan Ancient Town, they can write down their own "chrysanthemum poems" in their own hearts.


Performance time: until November 26, 2023, every Saturday and Sunday 16:00-20:00

Venue: Jichang Garden (Heritage Area)