Wuxi - Autumn Journey in Xishan District

At this moment, Xishan District is wearing a golden coat, and the waves in the rice fields reflect the joy of harvest. The bustling Rice Field Cultural Festival kindles people’s passion for food. Colorful blooms in Wanxin Flower Field and Ehu Rose Garden, coupled with chrysanthemum morifolium in Shanlian Village, present a stunning landscape for Xishan. Why not take a trip to Xishan to start an autumn journey?

Route: Day 1: Taihu Lake Rice Demonstration Park (Taiwan Pioneer Park) --- Yanjiaqiao Ancient Town --- Jiezhou Village (photogenic rice fields) --- Shanlian Village

Day 2: Wanshan Lake Ecological Wetland Park --- Gorgon Fruit Picking Garden (Xiedaidang Village) --- Dangkou Ancient Town (Light and Shadow Art Festival) --- Rose Culture Park

The 2 routes are the best routes of Xishan in golden autumn, presenting the gorgeous long autumn scroll of Xishan. Ancient towns and villages, rural buildings, lakeside wetlands, featured snacks, mountains and rivers, flowers and fields ... there is always a place for you.

You may go to Yanjiaqiao Village to watch the wind blowing rice into thousands of waves, or go to Wanshan Lake and Goose Lake to see “the afterglow accompanies the lone mallards in the sky; autumn waters blend into the hues of the vast sky.” Or you may go to Dangkou Ancient Town to enjoy a fantastic light and shadow show, or be amazed by a pink romantic flower sea in Ehu Rose Cultural Park, smell the fragrance of rice in the Taihu Lake Rice Demonstration Park, watch the waves of rice, and feel the harmony between man and nature.

You can also go into Shanlian Village, which is known as "the village bordering three counties", drink tea with the twitters of birds and fragrance of flowers. Or you may pick flowers and fruits in the fields, stay a night in a house of white walls and black tiles to feel the relaxing and leisurely life in the countryside.