Reed Catkins in Autumn Worth Meeting

GaoYou Lake, one of the six major freshwater lakes in China, has been praised by people since ancient time for its water culture include “beautiful scenery, abundant aquatic products and mysterious legendary”. GaoYao Lake Reeds and Wetlands Park covers 35 square kilometers in total, of which the land area is 8 square kilometers and the water area is 27 square kilometers. On account of the lush lake grass, thousands of acres of reeds, vast beaches with green grass, and rich and diverse wild animals and plants in the scenetic area, the park is known as a “natural air anion bar”.

Right after the 19th solar term that marks the beginning of winter, the air in autumn becomes rather thick. The limpid water around reed marshes in Gaoyou Lake is like a mirror reflecting the flowers of the reeds, and a few hand-cranked boats leisurely come and go through the maze of reeds, disturbing the light and shadows on the water. Life in southern Yangtze River in November is cozy and calm. At night, you can stay in a guesthouse in the depths of the reeds and fall asleep with the fragrance of the reeds.

During late fall and early winter, the park’s reed marshes have been faded from their green clothes and dressed in gold. The large expanse of reeds swaying gently, each flake of the white puffy reed catkin is a silent song, dancing and releasing its beauty in the wind, this is just a realistic version of the poem “The young shoots of reeds are grey, and the whire dew looks like frost.”