In Yangzhou, Listen to the Sound of the Canal...

The connection between the Grand Canal and the millennium-old Yangzhou City. The long-lasting canal has given Yangzhou a different but glorious splendor, and every scene tells of the city's birth and prosperity because of the canal. Today, let us follow the marks of the times, and listen to the sound of the canal.

Guazhou Ancient Ferry

The thousand-year-old Guazhou Ancient Ferry has an important historical position among many famous ancient ferries in China. At present, after landscape transformation, a beautiful ancient ferry park can tell the story of the river and the new life of the times. Please listen to the whistles of the Guazhou Ferry, it relates the new life of the Grand Canal and Yangtze River culture.



Today, the ancient town of Zhuyuwan is still shining, and the construction of the scenic area and the cultural tourism town has made it a good place for Yangzhou people to relax and enjoy leisure. Listen, the roar of lion and tiger in the Lion and Tiger Hill is the witness to the canal’s nourishment to every life.



Shaobo Ancient Town

Shaobo is the ancient town with the most heritage sites along the Grand Canal. The town, with interconnected waterways in all directions, is a good place for leisure travel. Listen to the traditional folk songs passed down from mouth to mouth, which imply the promise of a better life.



Sanwan of the Canal

Since the establishment of the China Grand Canal Museum in Yangzhou, Sanwan of the Canal has become a national 4A scenic spot and a national water conservancy scenic area. Visitors come from all over the world to experience the Grand Canal culture in a comprehensive, dynamic and immersive way. Listen to the sound of the gurgling water, which is a natural stroke of genius, while people taming the rapids and living in abundance.



There are many more sounds of the canal that are worth listening to and exploring with your heart. It is these ordinary and intimate sounds of the canal that together write into a moving melody flowing for thousands of years.