Nanjing - Come to Pukou and Start a Journey to the Golden Fields

Autumn in Nanjing’s Pukou District has the nature’s deep love. The fields and countryside here change into the most fantastic scenery by the touch of autumn. Accompanied by the warm golden sun, please come to Pukou this autumn and start a journey to the golden fields to feel the tranquility of the countryside and the joy of harvest outside the hustle and bustle of the city.

Route: Pearl Spring Scenic Area → Laoshan National Forest Park of Nanjing → Bulao Village (B&B cluster) → Zhangxu Sunflower Garden → Xingdian Shanhongli Village → Wancheng Ecological Park

You may stop by Pearl Spring to smell the fragrance of sweet osmanthus. The fragrance of thousands of osmanthus plants in Pearl Spring Scenic Area spreads so widely with the flow of Pearl Spring that you may be so intoxicated and forget to go home. And there is also a series of seasonal delicacies of osmanthus. You may climb the Laoshan Mountain to view the rich autumn colors that dye the forests. Garden parties are held at the foot of Laoshan Mountain, where you can experience the beauty of autumn. The ears of rice on the land of Yongning Town turn golden, the sea of sunflowers in Zhangxu Village bloom to the full, while the Chinese roses on the river bank continue to bloom. You can go boating on the Chuhe River and watch flowers on the banks casting beautiful reflections.

In green mountains and waters sits Shanhongli Village with white walls, grey tiles and stepped gables. And Shanhongli Village in autumn is full of the idyllic beauty. Crabbing starts in thousands of acres of ponds. The spring-fed crabs are big and plump, fat and creamy, and definitely worth a try. When the lively Harvest Festival is held, the Star Conference is launched, which is already a well-known characteristic astronomical event to popularize scientific knowledge in Nanjing. You may view the long-awaited stars at the Jiufeng Mountain Observatory and make a good wish. You may also go food gathering at Wancheng Ecological Park to enjoy the fun of harvesting as well as the joy and satisfaction of a bumper harvest in the countryside.