The name Zhenjiang derives from the city’s vital position as the guard of the Yangtze River. It has been the land of fish and rice as well as a critical commercial port since ancient times. Located in the hilly region south of the Yangtze River, Zhenjiang is renowned for its mountains, especially Jinshan Mountain, Jiaoshan Mountain and Beigushan Hill which constitute Zhenjiang Mountain Scenic Area with different landscapes. These scenic spots used to be called“Three Mountains in Jingkou”, all famous places with appealing scenery that attracted ancient literati. Beigushan Hill is closely related to the stories of the Three Kingdoms period; Jiaoshan Mountain, the mountain of calligraphy, has close ties with Japan; and Jinshan Mountain plays a key role in the Legend of the White Snake. Each attraction has its own characteristics and unique style.

Zhenjiang is a tranquil small city, without the hustle and bustle in other metropolises in the Yangtze River Delta. Be it a walk through the antique Xijin Ferry or a stroll along the culture-rich banks of the Grand Canal surviving a millennium, it will always take you back to the ancient times and experience the marks of history.