Osmanthus at Nanjing Linggu Temple

Nanjing in autumn is always decorated with osmanthus. The tiny and dense flowers are stacked on the branches, and the elegant and intoxicating fragrance lingers on the street and around people passing by. "The millennium-old Linggu Temple, the fragrance of ten thousand osmanthuses", Linggu Scenic Area ushers in the season of osmanthus fragrance. The landscape of osmanthuses has a long history and is famous since ancient times, and is one of the "New Forty Scenes" in Jinling.

There are many varieties of osmanthus and plants in Linggu Temple’s Osmanthus Garden. The golden osmanthus (Osmanthus fragrans var. latifolius) has a lively and golden color, the silver osmanthus (Osmanthus fragrans var. semperflorens) has a silvery white color like a pearl, and the orange osmanthus has a delicate red color. The "King of osmanthus" is located in the north side of the great lawn of the Beamless Hall. The tree is more than 100 years old, with a height of more than 6 meters, a crown diameter of more than 7 meters, and a trunk diameter of about 1 meter, which justifies the title of "King".

With yellow walls, green tiles and the sound of Sanskrit, and filled with the fragrance of osmanthus, the millennium-old temple brings in a trace of Zen under the cool breeze in October.