It's Time to Taste the "Freshness" of Yangcheng Lake

Come to Yangcheng Lake this autumn to start a journey to find the freshest food. The tastiest crabs-Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, fat and delicious soft-shelled turtles, fleshy and flavorful eels, silvery whitefish, large and thin-shelled shrimps, as well as refreshing lotus root and sweet water chestnuts will allow you to enjoy the freshness of autumn to your heart's content.

Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs

Autumn is the best time to enjoy crabs. Fully grown Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have a gold-like crab roe, creamy crab butter, snow-white and tender crab meat, which taste soft and firm, buttery but not greasy, and stand out from most hairy crabs.


The First Nourishment in Autumn - Soft-Shelled Turtles

The unsaturated fatty acid content of Yangcheng Lake soft-shelled turtle is very high, the edge of the shell is tender, al dente, and gelatinous. It satisfies you immensely when eating large mouthfuls of this delicacy.


Unique Taste of Yangcheng Lake - Eel

Eel from Yangcheng Lake is tender, and has moderate fat content, rich nutrition, less bones, and no fishy odor. Its meat is so delicate that it crumbles by the gentle touch of chopsticks. When entering the mouth, the meat is exceptionally flavorful and tender like tofu, full of umami and aftertaste.


Naturally Tasty - Whitefish

Whitefish from Yangcheng Lake has fine scales and tiny bones with lots of meat. It is silver-white allover, has a high nutritional value and is always regarded as a top-notch delicacy.


Big and Strong-Fresh Water Shrimp

The abundant water plants in Yangcheng Lake provide a good environment for the growth of fresh water shrimps, which are big and strong. The shrimps have bright green color and gloss, tender and tasty meat, and rich nutrients.


In addition, there are sweet and delicious red caltrop, lotus root that is known as "small ginseng in water", and other "eight famous aquatic foods", which are seasonal and not to be missed in autumn.