Maoshan Autumnal Scenery 茅山秋景

The scenery of autumn can be discovered in every corner of Jintan Maoshan, the gentle, rustic fairy town. One can appreciate the beautiful and prosperous autumn flowers, the fresh and poetic vast mountains, as well as the prevailing charm of autumn.

Walking in the fairy town of Golden Autumn. The wind blow slowly, the coolness penetrates into the softest part of one’s heart. The architectures emerge above the lake, the bluestone roads on the streets, and the mottled wooden houses, displaying the ancient culture of Wei and Jin dynasties, which are elegant and simple, and it seems like a reminiscence of a thousand years ago. Under the nebulous autumn colors, it is gentler and delicate. If you have to add a prefix to the autumn of this fairy town, then it shall be soft.

In autumn, the Maoshan Baosheng Park is quiet and slow without the cold wind. Under the blue sky and white clouds, one can enjoy the genial sunshine and invigorating autumn climate. Join hands to take a far-sighted view, and appreciate the tranquility of the autumn beauty. To perceive the fallen yellow leaves and discover the clouds loomed out of the mountains under the coolness of autumn rain. In the autumn night, all is quiet, and the sky full of stars seems to be within reach. Accompanied by the nature and tranquility of the big lawn, the gentle breeze and the sound of insects drifting in the air, I completely surrender myself and sleep to nature.

The autumn landscapes are scattered everywhere in Jintan Maoshan, and there are many beautiful autumn landscapes worth discovering by yourself. This weekend, come to Jintan Maoshan to seize the last tail of autumn!