The Mountain, Water, and City, the Beauty of Jiangsu in Autumn Is Breathtaking

As autumn sweeps across Jiangsu and brings in a myriad of beautiful scenes, every city begins to radiate its own unique charm. You may go to Yancheng, stroll along the shore of Dazong Lake, savor the fat and delicious river crabs; or walk into the colorful scroll of Suzhou City, enjoy the ancient maple trees at Tianping Mountain; or go to Jinhu Water Forest Park in Huai’an, take a small train through the fir forest. In this beautiful season, why not go to Jiangsu, feel the poetry in the mountain, water, and city.

Yancheng - Dazong Lake in Autumn

Dazong Lake has been a well-known attraction in Yancheng since ancient times, and the autumn view of the Lake has been listed as one of the new top 10 scenic spots in Yancheng. On a quiet autumn day with a clear sky and refreshing air, you may walk slowly in the autumn scenery of the Dazong Lake and become part of the scenery. In the Dongjin Water Town on the shore of Dazong Lake, you can start a journey through time to the Song Dynasty. Autumn is also the season when hairy crabs in Dazong Lake are the fattest, please come here, enjoy the Dazong Lake hairy crabs to drive away the chill that will soon come. 


Suzhou - Tianping Mountain Maple Scenery

Tianping Mountain in Suzhou is one of the four best maple-viewing spots in China. Climbing up to the Maple Watching Platform, you can see the maple leaves changing colors like a painting, and the pavilions surrounded by maple leaves add a trace of poetic beauty. Walking deeper into the mountain, you can see red leaves by the Shijing Pond, Pond of Release and the White Cloud Pond. Patches of maple trees are reflected in the pond with the most vivid red, and the world is full of colors. Please find a sunny day, go to Tianping Mountain to enjoy the maple trees and the intoxicating autumn in Suzhou.


Huai'an - Golden Forest

In late autumn, more than 823 acres of fir trees are colorful and dreamy like a fairy tale in the Jinhu Water Forest Park. It’s is unbelievably pleasant to ride into the fir forest in a small train and feel the warm autumn sunshine lazily sprinkling along the long track through layers of fir leaves. Strolling along the glass plank road, standing on the top of the 33.18m sequoia tree, overlooking the sweeping natural view in the distance and over 1,600 acres of sequoia, you can breathe the forest oxygen to your heart's content.