The Splendid Guangling Autumn

In the late autumn, the beautiful landscapes are gradually visible to the people in the ancient city of Yangzhou like gorgeous picture scrolls, people seem to place themselves in the beautiful landscape, then the beauty in Guangling can be seen everywhere in Yangzhou. In the late autumn, one can find various gorgeous landscapes when rambling about in the ancient canal. The visitors can, through appreciating the scenery in the ancient canal, inexplicably forget some obscure thoughts and stuffed epiphanies in life when sightseeing the clouds and water.

“The whole city is full of golden armor.” When the yellow autumn leaves are getting older, rows of tall French plane trees have taken off their gorgeous dresses of leaves in their prime periods, and the ground is covered with a layer of golden leaves, as if a lively painting that combines with Chinese and Western cultures under the background of white wall and grey tile. People can appreciate the splendid ginkgo leaves through taking a walk in the clean street of Yangcheng District, as well as feel relaxed and happy.

“The autumn maple leaves look more gorgeous than spring flowers,” the ecological scenery in this season is poetic and picturesque. Overlooking the hills of Shugang, it is surrounded by the beautiful water and covered with green and golden; There are full of Metasequoias growing in the canal wetland, thus vividly showing the ecological beauty; The maple leaves seem to be more gorgeous when the cold wind drifting in the air. In the scenic area, the flowers are in full bloom, the maple leaves are red, and the chrysanthemums are blooming in thousands of postures…