Xuzhou - Autumn Safari in Jiudingshan Wildlife Park

Have close contact with the cute llama, take a close look at flocks of ostriches passing by, watch the feeding of live chickens at Tiger Mountain and more wonderful animal performances like the exciting "international circus" shows… please visit Jiudingshan Wildlife Park this autumn to have fun with animals. There are 20,000 wild animals in the park, which is like the real-world Zootopia.

You may drive your own car or take the park’s train to go on the animal-themed trip through the vast African-style Fengyun Grassland (literally Wind and Cloud Grassland), see water birds flapping their wings to send up silvery spray. Or you may meet the herbivores from Europe, Asia and Africa in the "Misty Forest", listen to the almighty roar of king of all animals.

A ride on boat will take you to a different surprise. The boating area is modeled after the tropical rainforest. In the "Rainforest Safari" exhibition area, you can see the scarlet ibises, elands and hippopotamus gathering on the waterfront. There are rare red-crowned cranes and white-naped cranes dancing gracefully in the "Secret Forest of Mississippi", and flamingos and white cranes awaits you in the "Islands of Wonder".

The excitement of the "Cave of Miracles" is the combination of VR technology with reality. Prehistoric animals are projected to meet real animals, like the real-world "Jurassic Park" that makes people feel like they are traveling through time and space.