Enjoy Afternoon Tea in Zhouzhuang Ancient Town While Springtime Slows Down in the Ancient Town.

Use a pot of spring water to brew new tea, the tangible Jiangnan poetry comes naturally. The afternoon tea is indispensable in spring. In Zhouzhuang the afternoon tea is always accompanied by the sound of Pingtan, leisurely gliding boat and gurgling water.

Jubin Restaurant

To enjoy the most authentic Jiangnan afternoon tea, you should first go to the Jubin Restaurant and experience the art of "storytelling and singing” passed down from the Qing Dynasty. With the leading performer playing the sanxian (three-stringed traditional Chinese lute) and his partner playing a pipa, the Pingtan performers present the opera "Suzhou Is a Beautiful Place" and turn the restaurant into an art space.


The sweetness of green plum and osmanthus, the chilliness of Dong Ding oolong, and the richness of Yunnan osmanthus black tea ... are all in the store designed by Kenya Hara, and the overall decoration style makes this small store blend perfectly in this Jiangnan water town. As you sit in the attic and open the window, you have a panoramic view of this Jiangnan water town.

Mailon Academy

As you walk in, a wall of books comes into view, and the small independent courtyard will surely attract your attention. The sunlight passing through the skylight and through the bamboo forest projects dappled lights and shadows in the courtyard. With the elegant and exquisite English afternoon tea, a book, a pot of tea and a dessert are enough to spend a satisfying afternoon in peace.