Enjoy Early Summer Breeze in Jintan Maoshan Mountain

In early summer, you can feel the fragrance of flowers, the peace of forests, and the comfortable and refreshing breeze in Maoshan Mountain. Avoiding the noisy city and coming to Jintan Maoshan Mountain to enjoy the wild fun of being close to the mountains and forests.

Jintan Maoshan Mountain Jardin Admirable

Come to Jintan Maoshan Mountain Jardin Admirable, not only can you experience a perfect moment at the photogenic flower sea, but also experience many interesting attractions such as camping and picnic, flying kites, playing with cute pets, etc.

The Dutch Garden Picnic Area is mainly composed of flowers including millions of tulips; the English Garden Picnic Area is mainly composed of sculptures, accompanied by tea gardens and other gardens; the Forest Garden mainly consists of green plants, such as succulents and wild pines. Let’s go on a picnic together with the breeze!

Maoshan Mountain Oriental Salt Lake Resort

Maoshan Mountain Oriental Salt Lake Resort creates a brand new “Peach Blossom Camping Valley”, which restores the painting of winding stream party in the Wei and Jin dynasties in a new Chinese style. There are two different spaces in the Peach Blossom Valley, which are easily accessible. The feast that uses skirts as the curtain, and the boat in a lotus pond are just some of the many beautiful spots. It can be said it is the one of the best Chinese-style campsite.

Maoshan Forest World

After a hard days play in Maoshan, choose a beautiful place to stay at will. Enjoy the mountains and rivers, households near the small bridges, and sunset in the west, you can return to the purest poetic life.

Maoshan Forest World is committed to creating a fairy tale-style accommodation around the mountain. The tents on the 16-acre tea field where you can fully capture the tea garden scenery are mainly decorated in log color. The dreamy starry sky bubble house takes the loft five-star hotel into a transparent sphere. During the day, you can enjoy the elegant green tea fields, and at night you can gaze at the brilliant and dazzling Milky Way. Jiangsu’s first starry sky capsule camp base is also located here.