Purple Romance: Places to Admire Lavender in Jiangsu

Under the floating clouds and blue sky, nature lays out a profusion of flowers. It is now the season when lavender is in full bloom and the romantic purple flowers can be seen everywhere. There are many lavender viewing spots in Jiangsu, which adorn Jiangsu into fairyland.

Jiangning Guli Datangjin Lavender Manor, Nanjing  

In late April, the lavenders in Jiangning Guli Street bloom in large patches. The vast sea of lavender innovatively planted on a terrace is covered with lavender, verbena, sage, Chinese roses… Jiangning Guli Datangjin Lavender Manor is definitely a great spot for photography.

Xuelangshan Lavender Garden, Wuxi

More than 100,000 flowers in the Xuelangshan Lavender Garden are almost in full bloom. Even before entering the garden, you can smell the faint lavender fragrance floating in the wind, which is refreshing!

Lavender Manor, Huaian

The flower viewing period here is from April 1st to May 30th. The flower sea viewing area is mainly covered with purple lavender, light purple verbena, blue sage, colorful and fragrant corn poppy, Hairawn Muhly, as well as begonia and more. Being there, you can take an oil painting-like picture with just one casual shot.

Danyang Lavender Flower Sea, Zhenjiang

The largest lavender flower sea has 6000of purebred lavender blooming vigorously this season in Danyang. Looking around the lavender, you are surrounded by a romantic atmosphere. Being in such a purple flower sea, watching the flowers, looking up at the clouds rolling by in the sky, you will temporarily forget about worldly troubles and embrace the unique sense of happiness that only comes in early summer.