Xuzhou Spring Trip, a city of leisure in the mountains and water

Yunlong Lake Tourist Area

Yunlong Lake scenic area is located in the south of Xuzhou City. It is composed of the nature of Yunlong Lake and Yunlong mountain. In terms of culture, it is a multi-functional comprehensive marine park integrating cultural sightseeing such as Han Dynasty culture, historical sites and great man sites. It is a sightseeing, sightseeing, vacation and scientific popularization.
Yunlong Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides. There are endless mountains. The lake at the foot of the mountain is vast and boundless. It is a landscape that heals the soul. In spring, walking by the lake, the mountains are covered with green lakes, and the spring flowers bloom at the foot, forming a picturesque landscape. You won't get tired of staying all day, and you can fully enjoy spring.

Shenshui corridor Road

Shenshui corridor is the most interesting scenic spot in Yunlong Lake area. As it literally means, the submerged road is surrounded by high glass on both sides. In the "water sinking corridor" in the water, it can be clearly seen that aquatic organisms swim back and forth between aquatic plants. It is now the longest Shen Shui corridor in China.

Yunlong mountain

Yunlong mountain is a scenic spot in the north of Jiangsu Province. Yunlong mountain has not only nature, but also rich historical and cultural tourist attractions. The Great Buddha built in the Northern Wei Dynasty, the stone wall carving in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the historical relics related to the literary giant Su Shi in the Song Dynasty, the Xinghua Buddhist temple in the Ming Dynasty, the dashiyan (Buddha statue) in the Qing Dynasty and other cultural heritages are numerous. Those who are interested in Chinese history must go to Yunlong mountain to experience history and culture.

Prospect desk

The prospect platform is on the top of Yunlong mountain. The building is built along the shape of the mountain. Simple and simple design. Here you can have a panoramic view of Yunlong mountain landscape area and Xuzhou City.

Exciting cable car

Yunlong mountain cable car is 1200 meters long and 88 meters high, which can run through Yunlong mountain. From the west side, watch the flowers and young leaves in the fruit tree bonsai garden. On the way, pass the prospect platform on the top of the mountain, and reach the opposite of Pengzu garden on the east side. After getting off, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in Pengzu garden. Please be sure to try the exciting experience of overlooking Yunlong Lake and Yunlong mountain from the air on the cable car.

Xuzhou, located in the north of Jiangsu Province, not only maintains the beauty of southern China, but also feels the grandeur of the north. Under the influence of 2500 years of history and 5000 years of history and culture, Xuzhou has become a quiet and elegant city. If you visit the mountains and lakes in Xuzhou in spring and tour the relics left by the Han Dynasty, you can meet the travel of China and Xuzhou.