Adding Color to Better Life, Smart Tourism Development Conference and Smart Tourism Demonstration Exhibition in Nanjing


On November 23, the Smart Tourism Development Conference and Smart Tourism Demonstration Exhibition were held in Nanjing. The conference featured the release of the "2023 National Smart Tourism Development Report" and the first batch of national "5G + Smart Tourism" application pilot projects, the first batch of top ten and excellent solutions for national smart tourism "on the cloud empowered by digitalization". During the conference, new supply and new demand matching activities for smart tourism were held around the topics of "new projects and new scenes of smart tourism immersive experience", "smart tourism new services" and "smart tourism big data platform".


Smart tourism demonstration exhibitions were held at the Nanjing International Exhibition Centre from November 23 to 25, which were divided into "Creation - Scenery, Fun within Reach - Activating the Source of Cultural Innovation, Creating a New Experience of Smart Tourism", "Integration - Scenery, A View, A Feeling for Life - with the Combination of Digital Technology and Reality, Create a New Business of Culture and Tourism Integration", " Change - Scenery, a Broader Perspective - Enhance the Efficiency Empowered by Digital Technology, Optimize the New Mode of Tourism Management". Through nationwide solicitation, nearly 100 projects from 69 enterprises were selected (including 16 enterprises’ 28 projects in Jiangsu), such as demonstrative digital art, VR experience, digital culture and museum, amusement park and other projects as well as smart tourism management systems, panoramic presentation of the development achievements of smart tourism. And with the help of digital presentation means, the exhibition hall was built for experience and interaction, so that the visitors can enjoy the unique immersive tour in which the scene changes with every step they go, and the scenes are interactive and integrated to fully display the new charm and new vitality of smart tourism.




As one of the benchmark smart tourism management systems in China, Jiangsu Smart Culture and Tourism Platform includes three major functions of industry supervision, data analysis and public service to achieve full coverage of Jiangsu's culture and tourism industry, including 620 Class-A scenic spots, 195 key villages of rural tourism above provincial level, 202 cultural venues and 45 night-time culture and tourism consumption clusters, as well as 623 protected monuments and sites above provincial level. A total of 5,582 supervised entities have been included in the real-time monitoring of the provincial platform. The province has developed a closed-loop supervisory system with independent intellectual property rights of "automatic alert-automatic notification-feedback on handling", and also works with departments such as transport, emergency response and meteorology to build data foundation that strongly supports the safe, orderly and high-quality development of the province's culture and tourism industry.