Jiangsu Culture and Tourism Promotion Conference held in Suzhou


Jiangsu Culture and Tourism Promotion Conference was kicked off Thursday afternoon in Suzhou as part of the important activities of the 5th Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo.


Consuls of Portugal, Spain, Malaysia, the United States and other countries and representatives of cultural and tourism institutions from across the world gathered in Suzhou to experience the canal culture and discuss exchange and cooperation.

Yang Zhichun, Director General of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Li Chuan, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Liu Jiandong, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, and Han Weibing, Director of Suzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, attended the conference.


Elaborating by using "water", "charm", and "beauty", Yang Zhichun, Director General of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, briefed international friends on the cultural and tourism characteristics of Jiangsu. He pointed out that the Grand Canal has promoted the urban development of Jiangsu, nurtured the culture of Jiangsu for thousands of years, and endowed Jiangsu with distinctive characteristics of water charm. He hoped to use the Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo as an exchange platform and join hands with diplomatic envoys and representatives of relevant institutions to promote exchanges and cooperation between Jiangsu and the world.

To show the profound cultural heritage of Jiangsu and promote the rich tourism products to the world, foreign diplomatic envoys and representatives of cultural and tourism institutions were invited to walk along the Grand Canal, visit Pingwang Ancient Town and the Suzhou Bay Museum, experience traditional crafts such as silk weaving and pastry making, and enjoy Kunqu Opera and other classic operas.



Luis Antonio Calvo Castaño, Consul General of Spain in Shanghai, and Sílvia Inácio, Consul General of Portugal in Shanghai, delivered speeches. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of China-Spain diplomatic ties and the China-Spain Year of Culture and Tourism. Luis Antonio Calvo Castaño expressed his wishes to strengthen China-Spain relations and promote people-to-people interactions and cultural exchanges. Sílvia Inácio also saw 2023 as the start of a new era and believed it was important to enhance China-Portugal cooperation.

The Flowing Civilization, a micro documentary of the Jiangsu Section of the Grand Canal was released to introduce the past and present lives of the Grand Canal to the international community by showcasing the local customs and beautiful scenery of the Jiangsu section of the Grand Canal. The documentary will be distributed globally on the overseas social media accounts of China Xinhua News and Visit Jiangsu.

The 3D Virtual Tour "Charm of Jiangsu" was released simultaneously, showcasing the beautiful scenery, taste, culture, and life of Jiangsu through virtual panoramic views, miniature landscapes, and 3D animations. Tourists from home and abroad can experience the beauty of Jiangsu from zero distance online with the help of their fingers.


The Top 10 "Charm of Jiangsu" Tourism Routes was announced. By releasing the top 10 themed routes that represent the best cultural attractions, natural beauty, and intangible cultural heritage cuisine in Jiangsu, the organizers hoped to invite international friends to experience the water charm of Jiangsu and the varied personalities of the province's 13 prefecture-level cities.


The 5th Grand Canal Culture and Tourism Expo is helded in Suzhou City from September 21 to 24, featuring 17 programs, including night tours of Baodai Bridge (Precious Belt Bridge) and Jinji Lake (Golden Roster Lake), exhibitions, and forums. Since its inauguration in 2019, the expo has been a platform for culture and tourism promotion and has enhanced the recognition of the ancient waterway system's legacies, both domestically and internationally.