“The Charm of Jiangsu You Don't Know” Started Filming, Taking You to Discover Jiangsu’s Beautiful Small Towns


Jointly produced by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, the large integrated-media program “The Charm of Jiangsu You Don't Know (Small Towns)” that features in-depth discovery of cultural tourism has officially started filming recently. The first town visited is the "dreamy water town” Tongli Town in Suzhou.

The famous host Meng Fei and guest Chen Ming started this trip to the small town together. They walked along the ancient streets, alleys and bridges, listened to the cultural and historical stories behind the scenes, experienced the local customs, and watched a Jiangnan-style painting of highly livable and travel-friendly water town unfold slowly before them.


As the boat oars rowed open the water, all the profound history under the green waves was revealed. Do not think that the touring party only traveled on land, they also took a pleasure boat to taste the specialties of Tongli Town on the river, personally experiencing the slow life in the water town.



Across the small bridges and rivers, through the ancient houses and deep alleys, they arrived at the only world cultural heritage in this ancient Jiangnan town - Retreat & Reflection Garden. It is not an easy job to protect such a complex "treasure garden". The protection of the world cultural heritage not only requires taking good care of its "body", but also preserving its "soul". Treating the century-old trees, cultivating water lilies, trimming down the bamboo forest, and under the protection and renovation of the garden’s “aura and architecture”, the classical and modern atmosphere is restored and shaped, and the garden becomes increasingly fascinating and spirited.



How to play around in the "night owls’ market" that has been popular a hundred years ago? What kind of soup was it that made Emperor Qianlong so impressed? How to track the "Magical Animals" from a stamp? let us follow the program, starting from the "small but beautiful” ancient water town, to discover the hidden stories from a different perspective. More stories that you did not know about the "Charm of Jiangsu" are waiting for you to discover.