Promote tourism withculture and appreciate the beauty of Jiangsu for itswater charm


As spring comes, the tourism market is recoveringgradually. In order to further boosttheconfidenceof market consumption, strengthen the cooperation andexchangebetween Jiangsu and Shanghai in the culture and tourism projects, assistthe integrative development of culture and tourism in the Yangtze River Delta, and enhance the international popularity of Jiangsu's tourism resources, the special promotion for culture and tourism, held by  Jiangsu Tourism (the Yangtze River Delta) International Promotion Center with the theme of “Jiangsu, the enchanting land of water with time-honored charm”had concluded in Shanghai recently.

The organizer of this promotion conference invited more than 20 culture and tourism enterprises and institutions in Shanghai as well as some news media to participate. Guests who love travelling, especially foreign friends in Shanghai, were invited to make a tour and sightseeing in Jiangsu to experience the uniquewater charm through various forms such as special promotion, tourist route displayand game interactions.

This activity was also strongly supported byJiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism andJiangsu Provincial Visa Service Center. The conference focused on the promotion of route resources of cultureand tourism in Jiangsu, combinedthe characteristics and preferences of tourists from internationalmarketand put out ten high-quality and exquisite-service themed routes including hot spring vacation, RV camping, scenic spot tours, appreciation for intangible cultural heritage, health tour in forest, etc.

As a province with high-degree openness,the exchange between Jiangsu and countries around the world has been increasingly frequent and the achievements have been constantly developed in the field of culture and tourism.Through this promotion, we will further create a platform for spreading civilization, exchanging cultureand enhancing friendship,achieve more in cross-cultural exchange and cooperation of Jiangsu's culture and tourism, and introduce global wonders to Jiangsu, meanwhile, further spread the charm of Jiangsu to the world.