There is one saying in Jiangsu Province being called as, “Nanjing Duck, Yangzhou Goose.”In Yangzhou, salted water goose is the most common stewed dish, and “Huang Jue Goose” is the most famous among them. In 2008, Huang Jue’s old goose production skills were included in the first batch of representative works of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Yangzhou City.

The Hanjiang Huangjue Old Goose Manufacture Skills are developed and evoluted based on Huangjue saltwater duck skills. It was originated in the Qing Dynasty and is cooked with Zhang Family’s Secret Recipe, which is a well-known dish with unique taste.

As for Huangjue Old Goose, it has strict requirements from raw materials to manufacture skills. The raw materials are selected from pollution-free Yangzhou white geese with appropriate weight, and the geese must be raised on the lakeside with elegant environment and rich water plants, so that the deliciousness of the goose meat can ensured.

Huangjue Old Goose has a complicated process, which uses slow cooking skill with selected material. It adopts dozens of Chinese herbal medicines for cooking goose alone. Huangjue old goose is unique in its “old” soup, and its marinade reaches over several years.

The prepared Huangjue Old Goose is yellow and bright, full in shape, not shriveled or collapsed, with fresh and salt taste. The goose is fresh and tender, fat but not greasy. It is tasteful and can maintain the long-lasting flavor. It is not only a home-cooked meal or a famous banquet specialty, which is a fine product among Yangzhou specialty products.


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