When the winter breeze strips the tree branches and bares the rocks in the streams, the sky seems higher while the mountain views become clearer. The fallen leaves flutter in the mountain breeze, finding their resting home in piles or scatters. But the trees along the paths remain tall and straight. With a few hawthorns stubborn on the branches, a touch of warmth is added to the plain winter scenery. If the snow falls, the view will be even more fascinating as a heavenly fairyland lost in the world.

Overlooking the valley from the Yunv Peaks are the vegetation capped with frost and snow, like the flowering peach trees in full bloom. The tranquility in the mountains echoes the whisper of running water seeping from the crevices, nourishing the sleeping lives as quiet little streams.

When the night falls with the mountains asleep, you can find a cozy accommodation at the foot of the hill. Let the deep of the night brings you to the carefree land of dreams, where everything is as comfortable as it could be.

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