Park construction should pay attention to the mining of Taizhou from the geographical, historical, cultural resources, to upgrade the garden geographical characteristics and cultural connotation, formed a unique landscape features. East Park area "," western area "static".

Taizhou Tiande Lake Park, built in September 2009, the original sixth horticultural exposition of Jiangsu province “water rhyme green city, impression mid-Jiangsu” theme park, referred to as the “garden”, now renamed “day Lake Park”, is located in Taizhou City, the District 12 square kilometers week core location, adjacent to the national high tech parks in China Medical City Taizhou City, is the green nuclear spindle. Park was rectangular, with “mountain, water, green veins of bone to skin,” West 1010 meters, 1100 meters long from north to south, covers an area of about 1500 acres, of which artificial excavation surface and week are about 500 acres through connected with the Yangtze River, a total investment of 660000000 yuan.

Park construction should pay attention to the mining of Taizhou from the geographical, historical, cultural resources, to upgrade the garden geographical characteristics and cultural connotation, formed a unique landscape features. East Park area “,” western area “static”. “Static” area: built in Jiangsu province 13 city reflects the features of the theme exhibition, Yang sent bonsai garden and the Museum of science and technology, thirteen “floating” in the water on the city garden to cultural exchanges and science education for the characteristics, highlight the static leisure, energy saving and environmental protection, take meaning “mountain water paintings” charm the concept of poetic, picturesque by pass, emphasizing the landscape of the natural taste and spiritual experience. “Dynamic” areas: mainly distributed in the eastern side of the lake to watch the day, lotus, physical development, barbecue, fishing, beach sports, water park, real CS experience, leisure entertainment, leisure and entertainment project development, and constantly enhance the park’s interactive and fun, laid the foundation for the building of ecological, the public welfare, economic opening park. At the same time, Tiande Lake Park for weeks and block the overall planning and construction, improve the function of the city, to create a national garden city, garden city, tourism, improve ecological quality, will play a great role in promoting.

“Cottage garden tea” is located in the central axis of the park, is one of Jiangsu local characteristics of Taizhou tea culture as the theme to create. Covers an area of 6600 square meters.

“Moss first-order green, grass green color into the shade”, the entire garden and Liu Yuxi cottage style is run in the same groove. The grass thatched cottage, laying of water traces of ancient ginkgo tree rings, carved…… Each presentation is the ancient garden scenery, a wild profusion of vegetation vegetation and trees will be closely surrounded by mountain scenery, the cottage ran in front, like a painting.

The overall layout of the structure of garden presented “one core, two axes, three, four”, “one core” cottage, “two axis” is a cross, a longitudinal wear garden garden road, “three” refers to the square, plant pattern and texture, the jungle, “four” means two Chapman, ancient wells, landscape column. The cottage is the whole garden window, roof planting grass with embedded, wall flower, to the roof to life, make the whole house full of vitality, can accommodate 8 to 10 people at the same time tea. “Come,” from traditional wood door, Chinese steel structure, build the hedgerow planted flower window fashion modern appearance showing deep. Cottage after a Furui, deeply imprinted with traces of water and water barrels rope left the city witnessed the vicissitudes of history. The park also has 9 landscape tops, respectively, to attract birds device, attract birds foraging, nest, added to the angry for garden.

Inside the cottage, engraved with the “tea” the original pieces of art describes the rich tea culture; cottage, Ye Qiaomu level and green shrubs planted in the garden slopes of three sides, forming a Chashan contour.

“Qin as a cloud, rain such as beads”. “Rain listen” garden set mountain landscape, cultural landscape sketch in one, with mountains, water, pavilion, path, bamboo, forest and other landscaping, “the rain forest Tingqin” artistic conception. The garden covers an area of 6400 square meters, there are 4 main attractions — rain Tingqin, wild Ling DiCui, Cui Ying talk and music sound stone. Two water garden, East West High low, closely linked with the Park Road West, north again, can pass by, echoes with the West Water teahouse.

“Rain listen” is the key of the garden. The landscape of the establishment of a modern form of leisure Pavilion at the top of the mountain, named view yuting. Booth placed in the middle of Qintai, pavilion eaves design water tank, water from the roof fall into the cracks in the groove around the pavilion in the rain, thereby forming a kiosk set; landscape stone pile of pond, pool planting a variety of flowers; Pavilion around in the tall trees as the background, against the blue sky tree, to view Yuting more artistic charm.

“Wild Ling,” to the original ecological vegetation modeling forest, let people enjoy the unique charm of nature. “Cui Ying talk” is in the southwest of view Yuting, tall trees such as the ancient tree dragon under a large stone, resettlement, the title of “Cui Ying Tai” three words, while a stone sculpture chess table, the cultural landscape and the natural landscape contrast contrast.

“Harp sound stone” is another feature of the garden. Set the scene in the garden wall at the entrance, in the view of several groups of curtain wall design, plant configuration behind the waterfall with bonsai mode will com., mountains and the artificial landscape water body, the scene and the harmony of the art of open, also named the theme of “rain” two words. There is water, plants, water; water, water curtain become frame plant, forming a natural landscape pain.

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