Huishan ancient town, Wuxi 无锡惠山古镇

There are many cultural relics and historic sites in Huishan Ancient Town, and there are more than 200 scenic spots.

Huai’an Ancient Prefecture-level Government Office 淮安府署

During the Ming Dynasty, the Huai'an Government Office was the largest one in Jiangsu.

Suzhou Kunshan Tourist Resort 苏州昆山旅游度假区

Tourism resources of Kunshan Tourist Resort consist of the long history, profound culture and unique natural landscape.

Taizhou Daohe Scenic Area 泰州稻河景区

Daohe Ancient Block,located in the Hailing District, is the most important historical and cultural block in Taizhou, which the municipal government took the lead in protecting and rejuvenating.

Suzhou Qili Shantang Scenic Area 七里山塘

The epitome of old Suzhou, the window of Kingdom Wu culture

Xuzhou Hubushan Historical and Culture Blocks 徐州户部山景区

Hubushan ancient residence was built in the Ming dynasty, the qing dynasty to the republic of China

Shaobo Ancient Town 邵伯古镇

Shaobo is a historical and cultural famous town in China, a national key town and a demonstration town of national new-style urbanization

Yancheng Dongtai Anfeng Ancient Town 安丰古镇

Formed in the Neolithic Age, Anfeng Ancient Town has 4 historical blocks, 38 ancient lanes and over 30 buildings left from the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Dangkou Ancient Town 荡口古镇

Dangkou Ancient Town is located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, and is adjacent to Suzhou.