Wuxi Chong’an Temple 无锡崇安寺

Chong'an Temple scenic spot is located in the core of Wuxi's old city, surrounded by prosperous commerce.

Water Forest Park in Lizhong, Xinghua 兴化李中水上森林公园

Lizhong Water Forest Park located in Lizhong Town Xinghua City is the biggest artificial(man-made) ecological forest where is a paradise for wildlife.

Century-old Pear orchard in Fengxian,Xuzhou 徐州丰县百年梨园

Fengxian County is well known as the “Fruit Capital” because there is the largest pear orchard with continuous lands in Jiangsu Province.

Suzhou Xishan scenic spot 苏州西山景区

Xishan Island is commonly named Dong Ting Xi Shan ,it is the largest island of Taihu islands

Yangzhou GaoMin Temple 扬州高旻寺

Gaomin temple is a national key protected temple. It is one of the eight famous temples in Yangzhou.

Taizhou Old Street 泰州老街

Taizhou Old Street is a national AAA-level scenic spot, which is located outside the Taoyuan scenic spot on the banks of Fengcheng River. 

Nanjing Plum Blossom Hill 南京梅花山

 Nanjing Plum Blossom Hill is known as "the best plum hill in the world".

Tianning Buddhist Temple 常州天宁禅寺

Tianning Temple is the largest temple in Changzhou. In 2002, Tianning Temple was awarded the title of National 4A Tourist Attraction.

Nanjing Treasure Ship Ruins Park 南京宝船厂遗址公园

The Treasure Ship Ruins Park is a large-scale heritage park which is invested and developed by Nanjing for the purpose of commemorating the 600th anniversary of Zheng He's Expedition.