Tiande Lake Park 泰州天德湖景区

Park construction should pay attention to the mining of Taizhou from the geographical, historical, cultural resources, to upgrade the garden geographical characteristics and cultural connotation, formed a unique landscape features. East Park area "," western area "static".

Xuzhou Hubushan Historical and Culture Blocks 徐州户部山景区

Hubushan ancient residence was built in the Ming dynasty, the qing dynasty to the republic of China

Nantong Kaisha Island Tourist Resort 南通开沙岛旅游度假区

Kaisha Island Tourist Resort is an ideal tourism & leisure resort and a green food production base

Wujin Taihu Lake Bay Tourist Resort 武进太湖湾旅游度假区

As “the Name Card of National Tourism” and “provincial tourism resort”, WuJin Taihu Lake Bay Tourist Resort is located on the coast of beatiful Taihu

Yushan Shanghu Rourist Resort 常熟虞山尚湖旅游度假区

Situated in the west of Changshu City, the Mount Yu-Shanghu Lake Tourism Resort covers an area of 42 sq. km, or nearly half of the built-up area. It is an important part among unique mountains, water and buildings of Changshu, as well as a main carrier of its history, culture and environment characters

The Five-island Lake Scenic Area 五岛湖风景区

Five-island Lake Scenic Area in Lianshui County, Huai’an City is the significant origin place for Lianshui garden culture, Buddhist culture, Lianchi culture and red culture.

Yufa Ecotourism Area 雨发生态园

Nanjing Yufa Ecotourism Area is an AAAA-level national scenic area and Four-star rural tourist area of Jiangsu Province

Changzhou Red Plum Blossom Garden 常州红梅公园

In the garden, there are eight attractions: Red Plum Blossom at Spring Dawn, Lotus Ripples at the Twisted Pool and Pine Trees Under Snow in Isolated Hill etc.

Kouan Diaohualou Scenic Area 泰州高港口岸雕花楼景区

Kouan Diaohualou scenic area is located in the southwestern part of Gaogang District, Taizhou