Zhangjiagang City Xiangshan Mountain Scenic Area 香山景区

Covering an area of 4.37km2, it is the top point of Zhangjiagang City with the elevation in 136.6m.

Taizhou Qiuxue Lake Ecology Area 秋雪湖生态区

As a Grade AAAA scenic area located at the northeast suburb of the urban area in Taizhou City

Suzhou Baimajian Longchi Scenic Area 白马涧龙池景区

Baimajian Longchi Scenic Area is standing in the west of Fengqiao Sub-district, Suzhou Hi-tech District

Yancheng Dafeng Dreamy Maze 梦幻迷宫

Yancheng Dafeng · Dreamy Maze is located at Caoyan Town, Dafeng District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province.

Suqian City Mazu Culture Park 宿迁妈祖文化园

Located in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, Suqian City Mazu Culture Park faces water in three sides, has a 32.3m high Mazu sculpture of three faces at the most west tip on the island

Suzhou Tianping Mountain Scenic Area 天平山

Tianping Mountain is a national AAAA tourist attraction that is rich in both human culture and natural landscapes.

Xuzhou Tortoise Hill Scenic Area 龟山景区

Three main scenic spots, namely, Tortoise Hill Han Tomb, Imperial Decree Museum and Dianshiyuan Stone Carving Art Gallery

Nanjing City Yuhuatai Scenic Area 雨花台风景区

Yuhuatai is a Jiangsu Province designated commemorative scenic area integrating education, tourism, leisure and recreation.

Zhenjiang City Nanshan Scenic Area 镇江南山景区

Jiangsu Province Zhenjiang Nanshan Scenic Area, as a provincial scenic area which has very beautiful natural landscape and very rich humane landscape