Laba Festival Customs 腊八节习俗

There is a folk saying that after Laba is the new year.

Jiangsu Rural Tourism Festival 江苏省乡村旅游节

Countryside has become the ideal "Poetry Destination" for many tourists.

Nanjing Qixia Mountain Red Maple Art Festival 南京栖霞山红枫艺术节

As the autumn is approaching, Nanjing Qixia Mountain is about to be in the most romantic season of the year.

Nanjing Forest Music Festival Carnival 南京森林音乐狂欢节

The large-scale outdoor music festival in Yangtze River Delta region—2019 Yincheng·Nanjing Forest Music Festival Carnival is going to start again!

Zhouzhuang Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival 周庄中秋灯会

From September 12th to October 8th, the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival with the theme of “Flowers Blossom and Lights On” will start in Zhouzhuang Ancient Town and Huiju Square of Kunshan Development District!

See You At Mid-Autumn Festival In Wuxi 中秋“月”会无锡

The Mid-Autumn Festival, the fifteenth day of August of the lunar calendar, is a traditional festival which is popular in Chinese ethnic groups and Chinese cultural circles.

2019 Nanjing Marathon-National Marathon Championships(Nanjing Station)2019南京马拉松暨全国马拉松锦标赛(南京站)

On August 15th, the related information of the 2019 Nanjing Marathon-National Marathon Championship (Nanjing Station) was released at the press conference of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

Nanjing Forest Music Festival 南京森林音乐会

The 5th Nanjing Forest Music Festival in 2019 with musician Tan Dun, St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra, violinist Lv Siqing, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and so on will be held at 19:30 on September 13th to 15th, 21st to 22nd.

Taizhou Overseas Chinese Town Water Carnival 泰州华侨城亲水狂欢节

The 10th Water Carnival of Taizhou Overseas Chinese Town is held from July 6th to August 31st.