Located in Guanyun County, the Dayi Mountain Scenic Spot consists of 12 peaks, with the highest 226.7 meters above sea level. In winter, the Dayi Mountain in Lianyungang has become a paradise on earth.

When the whistling wind blows away the last trace of warmth, the mist will gently wrap the mountains and forests with layers of white gauze, looming the tortuous mountain roads, the stretches of mountain views, and the temples with a hazy wintery atmosphere.

As the cold winter reaches the peaks, the thick clouds and mist will gradually flare up, drifting in the woods, circling the Giant Buddha, solemn and unreal. Strolling in the sea of immortal clouds is like rushing into a painting by accident. Yet, it is so beautiful that no one can bear to break its charm.

With clouds and mist hovering over the mountains and valleys, the villages, trees, and hills seem all veiled in white mists like a mirage from afar. Overlooking the horizon from the top of Dayi Mountain, the flowing sea of clouds and the tumbling fogs make a mysterious and dreamlike feeling, which is so beautiful and surreal.

Within the veil of dense fog, the maple leaves in the mountain look even more gorgeous in the cold weather. With the peaks and crimson looming under clouds and mists, the scenery is especially charming, just like a dream.

It’s a great choice to go to Dayi Mountain in winter and explore this dreamlike and mysterious fairyland!

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