As a heritage city worthy of the name, Suzhou owns countless cultural heritage.

As a heritage city worthy of the name, Suzhou owns countless cultural heritage.

On June 28th, the 15th “Cultural Heritage Protection Day” of Suzhou, all museums in this city have promoted various cultural creation products that are originated from cultural heritage and Suzhou characteristics.

Suzhou Museum

The Chinese wistaria seed planted by Mr. Wen Hengshan

Living cultural relics seems to have more implication of the times changing. The most vital cultural creation product in Suzhou Museum is the Chinese wistaria, called as one of “Suzhou three wonders” in the museum.

National Treasure Cookies

Inspired by the Autumn Porcelain Lotus Bowl, the treasure of Suzhou Museum, it is made into cookies.

The Landscape Stationery Base

The design inspiration is sourced from the delight and feelings of Mr. I. m. pei when he created the landscape garden for Suzhou Museum.

Suzhou Museum of Traditional Operas

The traditional Chinese musical notation tatto paste collection

With the decoration of the shape and structure of traditional Chinese musical notation, Suzhou Museum of Traditional Operas has developed serial ornamentation products.

“All households tidy away and are not on the alert” serial aprons and cloth bags

The words of ballad mentioned above are representative symbols of the popularity in Kunqu opera; aprons and cloth bags pun in terms of the product and semanteme, and also imply Kunqu opera.

Suzhou Inscription Museum

Water of No. 1 Scholar

The museum is designed with the appearance with Dacheng Hall, apricot tree, pool in front of school, vermilion and gingko as elements and reflects the good wish of people who bless in Confucius Temple.

Suzhou Museum of No. 1 Scholars

The named No. 1 Scholar canvas bag

The red belt is bright-colored and vivid, which means knocks of opportunity and a wonderful wish on hands and shoulders.

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