Yangzhou is mentioned many times by Cao Xueqin in his masterpiece Dream of the Red Chamber, one of China’s four great classic novels. In this great novel full of scenes of various feasts, Yangzhou not only boasts small bridges and rivers, but also has all kinds of mouthwatering banquets, such as birthday banquets, and poetry banquets etc. Guided by the famous redologist Mr. Feng Qiyong, Yangzhou chefs created the Red Chamber Banquet based on the food and cooking methods depicted in Dream of the Red Chamber, and these gourmet foods are highly praised by redologists and the cooking community.

The Red Chamber Banquet is designed by integrating the cultural traditions, aesthetics, tableware, dishes and tea from the classic novel Dream of the Red Chamber. The famous dishes from the classic novel like Cured Goose Breast Prosciutto, Scalded Sliced Cucumber, Qing Wen Stuffed Bun etc. are brought to table, which makes people feel like they are in the Grand View Garden in the novel.

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