Su-Style Pastry 苏式糕点

Pastry in Suzhou of Jiangsu Province is the main representative for Su-style Pastry. The fillings are mostly nuts and diced pork fat.

Yangzhou Morning Tea 扬州早茶

Yangzhou morning tea is a folk food custom which has followed the style of Huaiyang cuisine. 

Xuzhou Crystal Frogfish 徐州水晶蛙鱼

Xuzhou crystal frogfish is not a fish, but a pasta snack. Because the two ends are pointed and the middle is round, it looks like a small fish, so it was named as frogfish.

Changshu Beggar’s chicken 常熟叫花鸡

In 2009, the production technique of Changshu Beggar's Chicken was selected into the second batch of intangible cultural heritage projects in Jiangsu.

Nanjing Wangjia wonton 南京汪家馄饨

Wangjia wonton was originated in 1983. About 36 years ago, a young man surnamed Wang was selling wonton near Yuhuatai, carrying a load.

Suzhou Dumb’s pan-fried pork buns 苏州哑巴生煎

Speaking of Suzhou cuisine, one has to mention the pan-fried pork buns. When it comes to the pan-fried pork buns, we have to mention the dumb’s pan-fried pork buns.

Menghe Bajin Noodle House 孟河八斤面馆

Menghe eel silk noodles are the most famous in Changzhou. 

Wuxi Steamed Small Buns 无锡小笼包

Wuxi Steamed Small Buns are famous in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Hangzhou because of its thin skin and rich soup. It is a local traditional food in Wuxi with a history of 100 years.

Eating Yuanxiao and guessing lantern riddles 吃元宵猜灯谜

The Lantern Festival is the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar.