Crystal Clear Salted Pork in Jelly晶莹剔透的水晶肴肉

Salted Pork in Jelly, Zhenjiang's famous dish, if the Pork in Jelly is crystal clear and not greasy, after adding the Zhenjiang Fragrant Vinegar without a hint of fishy smell.

Crystal- World Glass Art Museum晶-世界玻璃艺术馆

This is a small world where wonder and joy coexist with magic and technology combined. Come and experience it at the Crystal World Glass Art Museum!

Jiangning Imperial Silk Manufacturing Museum江宁织造府博物馆

Everything here, including the flowers and trees, has been integrated into his masterpiece Dream of the Red Chamber.

The Thin and Black Ganyu Pottery “黑如漆,薄如纸”的赣榆黑陶

In Sept. 2011, it was included in the third batch of Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Sanfengqiao Sauced Spareribs 三凤桥酱排骨

Sanfengqiao Sauced Spareribs, is commonly known as Wuxi Bone-in Meat, which is a traditional famous dish in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, and belongings to the Jiangsu cuisine.

Zhong Zhuang Wine Preserved Crab 中庄醉蟹

It is one of the top ten ancient towns in Xinghua history. It is unique in water conditions, and it is famous for its green backed shell and white carapace crab.

Gucheng Lake Crab Appears on the Market! 固城湖螃蟹上市啦!

The crab growing here is unique in its shape and meat quality among crab families. Its meat is tender, delicious and nutritious.

Yangzhou Yechun Teahouse 扬州冶春茶社

Walking out of the North Gate Street of Yangzhou, crossing the "Wenyue Bridge" and going down a small slope to the south, one can see the famous "Yechun Teahouse".

Suzhou-style Seasoned Duck 苏式酱鸭

In the ancient Suzhou city, it has the tradition of "eating ducks in the heat." Because old ducks are sweet and cool, they are usually the best food material in late summer and early autumn.