Taizhou’s Qiao Garden 泰州乔园

It is called "Huaizuo No.1 Garden". It is now a provincial cultural relic protection unit in Jiangsu Province.

Wuxi Chong’an Temple 无锡崇安寺

Chong'an Temple scenic spot is located in the core of Wuxi's old city, surrounded by prosperous commerce.

Yangzhou Wood Carving 扬州木雕

Wood carving is a special technique of using a knife to engrave a pattern or sculpture on wood.

Water Forest Park in Lizhong, Xinghua 兴化李中水上森林公园

Lizhong Water Forest Park located in Lizhong Town Xinghua City is the biggest artificial(man-made) ecological forest where is a paradise for wildlife.

CreaThink Robot Science and Technology Museum in Suzhou 苏州创想机器人博物馆

CreaThink Robot Science and Technology Museum is a robot comprehensive museum with the exhibition, learning, research, and travel as its theme.

Century-old Pear orchard in Fengxian,Xuzhou 徐州丰县百年梨园

Fengxian County is well known as the “Fruit Capital” because there is the largest pear orchard with continuous lands in Jiangsu Province.

The 12th Golden Flower Tourism Festival in Gaochun高淳第十二届金花旅游节

A large number of cole flowers in Gaochun international slow city have already blossomed in spring. 

Taicang Shaxi Ancient Town 太仓沙溪古镇

Shaxi is a typical Jiangnan water town, which is located in the middle of Taicang City. Villages have been formed during Tang and Song dynasties, so that it has a history of more than 1,300 years.

Suzhou Xishan scenic spot 苏州西山景区

Xishan Island is commonly named Dong Ting Xi Shan ,it is the largest island of Taihu islands