Dongtai Xixi Tourism Cultural Scenic Spot 东台西溪旅游文化景区

Xixi is the birthplace of Dongtai history and culture and the origin of Sea-salt Culture of Huainan and Huaibei cities.

Beautiful Scenery in Yangzhou’s After Nightfall 夜幕下的扬州美景

Beautiful Scenery in Yangzhou's After Nightfall

In May, encountering the charming 7D Mirror of Glassy Sky in Nanjing …. 人间五月,遇见南京7D玻璃天空之境,美得让人心动……

What a beautiful and splendid "Land of Idyllic Beauty" in Jiangxi Village.

Huaian Tianquan Lake Water Conservancy Scenic Area 淮安天泉湖水利风景区

Tianquan Lake Water Conservancy Scenic Area is situated in Xuyi County of Huai'an City in Jiangsu Province. It belongs to a reservoir type water conservancy scenic area and was established near Huanong Reservoir. 

Baohua Mountain National Park 宝华山国家森林公园

Baohua Mountain National Park is located in the north of Jurong city in Jiangsu province, it is a national AAAA class scenic spot.

The beauty of Jinji Lake at night夜幕下的金鸡湖

Jinji Lake is located at the northeast of the old town in Suzhou.

Nanjing rain-flower pebbles appreciation customs 南京雨花石鉴赏习俗

Rain-flower pebbles is a unique ornamental stone in the Nanjing area, as well as one of Nanjing's symbolic properties.

Changzhou Near Garden 常州近园

Suzhou Qi Garden 苏州启园

Suzhou Qi Garden is located in Dongshan Town, Suzhou, which is adjacent to Taihu Lake, founded in 1911.