Taizhou Tiande Lake Park 泰州天德湖公园

Taizhou Tiande Lake Park is a Class 4A Tourist Attraction in China built in September 2009.

Changzhou Qingfeng Park 常州青枫公园

Changzhou Qingfeng Park is an urban forest park with the three themes of "ecology, popular science and vitality" and is also a national 4A scenic spot.

The Chinese Poplar Museum 中国杨树博物馆

It is a national AAAA tourist attraction and the only museum with poplar as its theme in China.

Xuzhou Xima Terrace 徐州戏马台

Xima Terrace is located at the highest point of Hubu Mountain in the central district of Xuzhou. It is one of Xuzhou's most famous historic sites. 

Zhenjiang Folk Culture Art Museum 镇江民间文化艺术馆

Zhenjiang Folk Culture Art Museum is the first cultural art museum in China to explore, collect, display, develop and study regional folk culture. It is a national 2A scenic spot.

Taizhou’s Qiao Garden 泰州乔园

It is called "Huaizuo No.1 Garden". It is now a provincial cultural relic protection unit in Jiangsu Province.

Wuxi Chong’an Temple 无锡崇安寺

Chong'an Temple scenic spot is located in the core of Wuxi's old city, surrounded by prosperous commerce.

Yangzhou Wood Carving 扬州木雕

Wood carving is a special technique of using a knife to engrave a pattern or sculpture on wood.

Water Forest Park in Lizhong, Xinghua 兴化李中水上森林公园

Lizhong Water Forest Park located in Lizhong Town Xinghua City is the biggest artificial(man-made) ecological forest where is a paradise for wildlife.