As one of the top four lakes in Jiangsu Province, Luoma Lake looks like the back of a big horse and its tail sweeping the canal when viewing from above

As one of the top four lakes in Jiangsu Province, Luoma Lake looks like the back of a big horse and its tail sweeping the canal when viewing from above.

Luoma Lake water is mostly sourced from Yimeng torrential flood and natural rainwater without any industrial pollution, so the water body is clear and transparent, dense reed and abundant plankton are growing in the shallow water lake beach, providing very nice ecological environment and water resource for fish production. In the lake, the fish species have reached 56 and esp. whitebait, freshwater shrimp, crab and lobster are the best. Luoma Lake whitebait is white and transparent like jade, its shape looks like silver bar, its meat is tender and fresh, and it has enjoyed the reputation as “silver in water” and “ginseng in water”. The Jinmei Brand cold whitebait etc. has been widely distributed to Asia, Europe, America and Hong Kong,Macao, Taiwan in our country. The big freshwater shrimp produced from Luoma Lake has green color, big body, thin skin and plump meat, so it is famous far and wide. The “drunk shrimp” made by the shrimp as raw material has a particular flavor and is very tempting for foodies. Luoma Lake crab is very large, the male crab fat is white like jade, the female fat like gold, and is a god-given food.

Luoma Lake has very profound historical and cultural deposit and is located in the east of Luoma Lake demonstration area, the northwest of Suyu County and Suqian urban area; in the northeast of Xiaodian Town today, there is Qingliangang Culture Site where a county was set up in the Qin and Han dynasties, which was later called as a prefecture in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and renamed as Suqian in the 1st year of Baoying Period under the reign of Emperor Taizong in the Tang Dynasty. Overlord Xiang Yu in the West Chu Period who has been eulogized by all generations as a hero to fight against the Qin Dynasty was right born in Suqian Wutong Lane which is 78km away from the southeast of Luoma Lake and Xiang Yu Garden has been built here. The national designated culture relic protection site Emperor Qianlong’s Visiting Palace is standing in Zaohe Town at the west bank of Luoma Lake. In the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong once visited southern China for six times, and for five times he came to Anlan Dragon King Temple built by imperial order for sacrifice and stayed here, so this temple has been called as Emperor Qianlong’s Visiting Palace.

For tomorrow, Luoma Lake will become more prosperous and beautiful. At the beautiful bank of Luoma Lake, a “Beidai River type” resort is becoming reality from planning and it will attract visitors from all directions and make more people to have a great view of the splendid landscape composed of lakes and mountains!

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