Seaside City of Dafeng, Home to Many of the "World's Best"

On the coast of the Yellow Sea in northern Jiangsu, there is a wonderland boasting the world's best view. Located in the core area of World Natural Heritage - Migratory Bird Sanctuaries along the Coast of Yellow Sea-Bohai Gulf of China (Phase I) with the stunning sunrise on the sea, this place has the most beautiful "moonrise over the sea"; when passing by the migratory birds’ habitat, flocks of birds fly like "waves of birds"; in the "world's largest milu nature reserve", wild milu look at you across the mudflat wetland. This is Dafeng, Yancheng, a countryside resort that self-driving tour lovers must visit.


It is said that watching a sunrise at Sunrise Bay will bring you special luck. At 5:30 a.m., the first ray of twilight penetrates the clouds, the sun rises slowly to spread its golden color over the sea. It’s beautiful enough to cure all the fatigue of waiting.


Not far away is the Wild Deer Marsh, one of the "dark-sky preserve" in China, which has "the habitat of 100 years ago, the scenery of 500 years ago, and the beauty of 1,000 years ago". The wetland is wider than the eye can see, and the mudflat and the sea are seamlessly joined.


After the sun rises, wild lives in the Wild Deer Marsh are also awakened - gulls and herons soaring, milu galloping, wind blowing and grass dancing, the symphony of nature and life starts to play.


The coastal views are as beautiful as poetry, and another show of love is put on in the Holland Flower Park. “Unique Love ·Land of Drama" is a live performance that blends the indispensable love with the flower sea, and the expression of love breaks through the boundaries of space and time, embodying the images of several kinds of "love", and touching the viewer's thinking about "love".


The theatrical presentation of "love" tugs at the heartstrings, while the warmth of the city life, small and commonplace events become the touching moments at Xinfeng 920 Street.