Gather at Lianyungang’s Top Campground and Sleep in Mountain and Forest under the Starry Sky

Autumn is the best time for camping. Sleeping under the starry sky, accompanied by mountain and forest, breeze and the moon, it’s a joy without parallel. Lianyungang, surrounded by mountains, sea, and white clouds, is naturally endowed with picturesque scenery, and hides a lot of top campgrounds. Let's go to the campgrounds together!

Tangwang Lake Campground in Yuntai Mountain

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to valleys or waterside to feel the tranquility of nature. In Tangwang Lake Campground, you can find such joy. Just move into a caravan, or pitch your own tent and enjoy the slow autumn time in mountains and fields.




Not far away from the campground is the Maple Valley Jungle Adventure Park of the Yuntai Mountain and the Chuanshan Waterfall Scenic Area. You can look over the fence and see seagulls soaring over the blue sea and blue sky, giant ships sailing into the harbor, Liandao Island stands in the middle of the sea, and the full harbor view.


Liuzhizhoushan Sport Park

Liuzhizhoushan Sport Park is equipped with a mountain bike track, a pier, a wargame base, and an affordably luxurious campsite. The lawn here is vast and perfect for camping. With the sky high and the sun setting, there is nothing cozier than lying in the golden sunshine and enjoying the autumn.



Yu Wan Bay

Dragon Transformation, Linglong, Dinosaur World ... in the Yu Wan RV Campground, there are different themes and shapes of recreational vehicle, as if you are in a different world. The caravans are fully equipped with beautiful interior. Leaning on the window, a book, a cup of coffee, a piece of soft music, you find leisure and comfort. The campground is also provided with barbecue grills, tables and chairs, so you can enjoy the picnic. Of course, you can also choose a canopy tent to talk to the stars and make friends with the moon.



Donghai Green Pine Ridge Forest Park

The park has a Starry Sky Tent Area located in the 16-acre lush oak forest, where you can enjoy the nature, sleep under the starry sky and wake up to the birdsong. With forest coverage of 86%, there is no traffic and noise in the Starry Sky Tent Area. The air is rich in negative oxygen ions and phytoncide, only the chirping of birds and insects in the morning and the sky full of stars at night accompany you.