Museum Visit, a Dialog through Time and Space - 3-Day Tour to Suzhou, Wuxi, and Nanjing

Features: From Suzhou, where "people are living by the river", to Wuxi, the "Jiangnan Water Alley", to Nanjing, the ancient capital of six dynasties, the tour will take you through the three cities of Jiangsu Province into the museums with different themes, to experience the Jiangnan culture, Jinling and canal Culture.

Day 1: Start from Shanghai and Arrive in Suzhou

Visit Suzhou Museum, pray for blessings and taste vegetarian dishes at Hanshan Temple, tour the Canglang Pavilion, watch immersively the Kunqu opera "Six Records of a Floating Life", and savor Suzhou-style food at Deyue Restaurant.



Go to Hanshan Temple to pray for blessings, try vegetarian dishes, have the enchanting experience of "Mooring at Night by the Maple Bridge" and listen to the sound of bells echoing through the ages.


When strolling through the Canglang Pavilion, one of the oldest surviving gardens in Suzhou, you may enjoy the Kunqu opera performance "Six Records of a Floating Life" to experience the elegance in the Suzhou-style life.


You may also visit the time-honored Deyue Restaurant and try the classic Suzhou cuisine such as Squirrel-shape Mandarin Fish, Braised Ham in Honey Sauce, Deyue Sauced Chicken, etc., and experience the Suzhou cuisine that is based on the best seasonal ingredients.


Overnight stay: Scholars Hotel Pingjiangfu.

Day 2: Go to Wuxi by High-speed Train from Suzhou.

Sightseeing at Yuantouzhu of Taihu Lake and Yixing Bamboo Sea in Wuxi.

The next day, start from Suzhou to Wuxi, then arrive at Yuantouzhu known as “the best place of Taihu Lake”. There visitors can enjoy the scenery of Taihu Lake that is both elegant and magnificent. At Yuantouzhu, which is endowed with the most beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake, a vast and ever-changing scenery awaits visitors.


Yixing Bamboo Sea in summer is a natural summer resort. The vast bamboo sea cools down every sightseer, a stroll into the Jinghu Lake brings you stunning view, and all you need to do is enjoy. Take a walk on the rope bridge, look out over the bamboo sea, and the boundless Jinghu Lake. Then climb up to the Lingyun Pavilion, you can also overlook the magnificent scenery of endless green mountains, while the fragrance of bamboo refreshes your heart.



Arrive in Nanjing by high-speed train on the same day, and stay at Nanjing Grand Hotel at night.

Day 3: Nanjing 1-Day Tour

Visit Nanjing Museum and Jiangning Weaving Museum, climb Niushou Mountain, taste Jinling food at Nanjing Impressions, tour Qinhuai River at night.

On the third day, sightsee Nanjing and start the journey to the ancient capital of the six dynasties. The first stop is Nanjing Museum, one of the best museums in China. The Museum has six exhibition halls, with a huge collection that includes all kinds of artifacts up to 430,000 pieces (sets), the number of precious cultural relics second only to the Palace Museum.


One of the four famous brocades in China, Yunjin Brocade, originates from Nanjing. You should come to the Jiangning Weaving Museum to learn about the long history and weaving skills of Yunjin Brocade and study the wisdom of the ancients.



You should then go to the famous Niushou Mountain to climb high and explore the new attraction Usnisa Palace, and immerse yourself in the immense charm of Zen.


Afterwards, you may go to the Nanjing Impressions to enjoy the Jinling cuisine. The restaurant features carved beams and painted rafters with bricks and wooden fences to present a unique Jiangnan style. The yelling reminds people of the life in an old city, creating an impression of going back to the old days.


After the meal, you might as well take a walk by the Qinhuai River, and ride a boat, slowly relax and bask in the sound of paddles and street lights, appreciate the long history and charm of the prosperous ancient town.


Stay overnight: Jinling Mandarin Garden Hotel.

Return and transfer to airport.