Wellness Hot Spring in Huanghai Forest Park, Dongtai People's Secret Weapon against Cold

Dongtai people have their own tricks against the winter cold. Please come to the Huanghai Forest Hot Spring Hotel and stay in the forest, relax and soak in the warm spring water to be filled with happiness in winter.

Huanghai Forest Hot Spring Hotel is located in the treasured forest in Dongtai, Yancheng - Huanghai National Forest Park, a bright "emerald" and a veritable "natural oxygen bar " in the only unpolluted wetland on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. In the park, modern architectural design and the view of fir forest as well as waterscape complement each other, inviting you to experience and have fun. The Forest Hot Spring Hotel is surrounded by lush trees, and the fresh air is awaiting you.

The semi-enclosed pool surrounded by forest is an ideal place for a winter retreat, where you can enjoy the beauty of the "fir tree" while enjoying the hot spring to cleanse your body and mind. There is a large forest as far as the eye can see, where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

The world-renowned "Spa of the Wind" hot spring can accommodate nearly 800 people. In addition, there is a hot spring spa in the executive suites. The hotel also provides catering, multi-functional conference services, hot spring and other services, so that you can bask yourself in the leisure of slow life.