The Chinese Poplar Museum

The Chinese Poplar Museum is located in the farm of Siyang County, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province. It is a national AAAA tourist attraction and the only museum with poplar as its theme in China.

Designed by Shanghai Tongji University, the museum covers an area of 8760 square meters. The museum has a circular exhibition hall with a construction area of 908 square meters, which is mainly used for displaying poplar culture and poplar related products. It plays an important role in promoting the reproduction of poplar history, popularization of poplar knowledge and promotion of poplar culture.  There are also 5,866 square meters of green space, which is planted with various new poplar varieties, gingkoes, red maples, etc.

Located in the south of the exhibition hall, the four towering Italian poplar trees were planted in 1976. They are known as the king of Italian poplar in China and the “living fossil” of Chinese poplar. According to the 2005 survey, the highest tree has a height of 46 meters, a diameter at breast height of 1.16 meters and a standing timber volume of 16.8 cubic meters.

The scenic spots are mainly divided into three areas. The viewing area for the King of Italian Poplar: By watching the four largest Italian poplar kings in China, you can experience the rich local culture of the hometown of Italian poplar; The viewing area for Italian Poplar Products: Understand the multiple uses of Italian poplar products and feel the role of Italian poplar in China’s ecological environment and social and economic construction; The viewing area for Italian Poplar Groups: Through viewing plots of Italian poplar planting, people are exposed to the Italian poplar forest, breathing the natural fresh air and feeling the nature.

photo with poplar trees in spring

Opening hours: 8: 30-11: 30 am,2:00 pm-17:30pm

Ticket price: free

Telephone: 0527-85271929