Changzhou Qingfeng Park

Changzhou Qingfeng Park is an urban forest park with the three themes of “ecology, popular science and vitality” and is also a national 4A scenic spot. The Qingfeng Park is currently the largest free open park in Changzhou with a total area of 45 hectares.

Qingfeng Park is located in a unique position, relying on canals, Baihe River and Tongzi River. As Changzhou’s first forest park, plant popular science education base and youth outdoor activity center, it is not only a suitable place for citizens to have leisure and fitness, but also an important place to display Changzhou’s image.

The landmark building of the park is Landscape Rainbow.  In the highlight landscape, there are 100 meters high spray, artificial sand beach, etc. The harmonious unity of greening and nature has been paid attention to the construction of the park. The park has lush trees, abundant plant resources and various distributions, creating a variety of ecological plant communities.

Qingfeng Park is an important base for popular science education of plants, which will provide citizens with opportunities and conditions to contact nature easily and leisurely. There are more than 800 species of plants in the park, and there are 8 special plants gardens. It is the park with the richest plant population resources in the city. There is also a popular science museum for plants in the park, which will integrate science, interest and participation in the form of plant objects, specimens, fossils and multimedia to open a window for the public to explore the mysteries of the plant world.

Location: 88 Yueji Road, Zhonglou District, Changzhou