Taizhou Tiande Lake Park

Taizhou Tiande Lake Park is a Class 4A Tourist Attraction in China built in September 2009. It was originally the theme park of “water-like garden city, impression of central Jiangsu” in the sixth Jiangsu Horticultural Expo, referred to as “horticultural expo garden”. It is located in the core area of 12 square kilometers in Zhoushanhe Street, Taizhou City and is now named as “Tiande Lake park”.

The park has focused on digging out Taizhou’s geographical, historical, and cultural resources during constructing. Not only does it enhance the regional characteristics and humanistic connotation of the garden, but also forms unique landscape features. The eastern part of the park is mainly “active”, and the western part is mainly “silent”.

“Silent” area: Themed exhibition gardens, Yangzhou style bonsai gardens and science and technology museums, which reflect the characteristics of the 13 cities in Jiangsu Province, were built. Thirteen “floating” building on the water, featuring cultural exchanges and popular science education, urban exhibition parks, highlight the concept of static leisure, energy saving and environmental protection, and emphasize the natural taste and spiritual experience of the landscape.

“Active” area: It is mainly distributed on the east side of Tiande Lake, mainly for leisure and entertainment projects, such as lotus viewing, outward bound, barbecue, fishing, beach sports, water park, paintball experience, etc. The development of leisure and entertainment projects has continuously improved the interactive and interestingness of the park, and laid the foundation for creating an ecological, public welfare, and economical open park. Nowadays, Tiande Lake Park has become the best leisure ecological scenic spot for citizens.

Location: No.8 Haijun East Road, Hailing District, Taizhou City