The beauty of Jinji Lake at night

Jinji Lake is located at the northeast of the old town in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, and its water area covers 7.4 km2. There are many scenic spots in Jinji Lake, which include Water Screen Film, Music Fountain, Sky Wheel above the Water, Li Gong Causeway, Moonlight Dock, Taohua Island and other scenic spots. On Jul. 2, 2012, Jinji Lake was rated as the National Level AAAAA Tourism Scenic Area by the National Tourism Administration.

At night, the lamp lights beside the Jinji Lake irradiate the whole lake surface,  presenting the colorful night scenes with different styles. To appreciate the scenery of Jinji Lake, the best way is to take a boat. Rafting above the water in a tranquil night, backed by the lighting and scenery, what a dazzling and charming Jinji Lake.

The Sky Wheel on the Jinji Lake is 120 m away from the lake surface, which is rated as the  largest sky wheel of Asia and also called as “The Eyes of Suzhou”. It has 60 gondolas accommodating 360 persons at the same time.

The length of Li Gong Causeway totals 1.4 km with the history of centuries. It seems that a gorgeous rainbow reflects on the Jinji Lake after being illuminated by the ornament of the evening lights.

In the daytime, the Jinji Lake displays the modern prosperity, at night it shows the couleur tendresse of Jiangnan Water region. Besides keeping Jiangnan’s typical feature of the long flowing water, the development of Jinji Lake scenic spots mainly relies on the projects such as lakeside sightseeing and night cruise, thus guiding the tourists learn more about the Jinji Lake from a different perspective, and feel the night in Suzhou at short distance.