Liyang Caoshan Tourist Resort Area

Caoshan Tourist Resort Area is located in Liyang City of Jiangsu Province, which adjoins to Gaochun and Lishui of Nanjing. The transportation here is very convenient with significant geographical advantages. Caoshan Tourist Resort Area regards the “Colorful Caoshan” as the theme, and builds the leisure tourism products adhering to the three principles of “Good Looking, Nourishing Heart and Life Nourishing”. It is a diversified and complex rural tourism resort that combines with ecological agriculture, rural culture, sports leisure and health resort.

In 2018, the provincial tourism resort was established in Caoshan, there are many landscapes such as Caoshan Flower Sea, Meilin Mountain for Ten Li Around, Blueberry Field with a Thousand Mu, Jinlin Ancient Temple, Rural Garden, Countryside Town, Ancient Bamboo Forest. It established the leisure experience projects of picking, fishing, riding, camping, climbing, religion beach and other series, thus forming the Comprehensive Entrance Service Area, Mountain Sports Recreational Area, Rural Leisure Resort Area, Ecological Health Resort, and Rural Landscape Exploration Area.

“The Most Beautiful Flower Field, Orchard of the Four Seasons” are the true portraiture of colorful Caoshan. Here you can take the sightseeing vehicle to appreciate the Flower Sea and beautiful scenery along the road; Ride a bicycle to recklessly travel the winding and bumpy woodland, sprinkle with sweat; Ramble in the rural garden, enjoy the delight of personally picking up the fruits and taste the local specialty gourmet, so that a different village tourism can be experienced.

Address: No. 36, Yongxing Avenue, Shangxing Town