Changzhou Yancheng cultural tour

Yancheng site is located in Wujin District outside the southern suburb of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The site can be traced back to the spring and Autumn period of China (770-256 BC). The size of the relics is 850 meters from east to west and 750 meters from north to south, with a total area of 650000 square meters. In order to convey this history more easily, various cultural and entertainment facilities such as Yancheng spring and autumn paradise, Yancheng Heritage Park and Yancheng wildlife world have been established on the basis of the protection of Yancheng relics.

Zhuzi Baijia Garden
"Zhuzi Baijia garden" is the highlight of Yancheng spring and autumn paradise. The great thinkers represented by Confucius and Laozi who were born in the spring and Autumn period of China have established ideas that are the basis of Chinese culture and now have a great impact on China and other Asian regions. "A hundred schools of thought" is the general name of the academic school in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period.
In ZhuZiBaiJia garden, modern art is used in various spaces such as city walls, mountains and carvings to explain the richness of spring and autumn culture in a three-dimensional way. At 9 a.m. every day, a welcoming ceremony based on the etiquette and hospitality of the spring and Autumn period will be held at the welcome ceremony of Yan Jun.
Then music was played in the bell music palace. Many tourists stopped to enjoy happy music. The chime is a popular large-scale percussion instrument in the spring and Autumn period. Now it is a replica in Yancheng, but the sound is very similar to the piano. A group of five produces a very beautiful melody. The wonderful timbre of this antique instrument has been restored.

Yancheng Heritage Park
In Yancheng Relic Park, the ancient scenes of three rivers and three cities in Yancheng are completely preserved. From the middle to the outside, there are Zicheng, Zicheng River, inner city, inner city river, outer city river and three cities and three rivers. There are no other cities built in this way except in the history of China. In addition, such an urban structure has a very high defense ability against external threats.
Four kinds of unearthed cultural relics were mainly excavated from Yancheng, including pill wooden boats, bronzes, primitive celadon and geometric ceramics. Four canoes were excavated in the inner city river of Yancheng. One of them, with a total length of 7.45 meters, was dug out of nanmu, and the inner wall was still left with burnt charcoal traces and traces cut with an axe. This canoe was built more than 2800 years ago. It is the oldest canoe excavated in a complete state. Those interested in unearthed cultural relics and ancient culture may as well go to the spring and autumn Yancheng Museum.
Through natural disasters and wars, these cultural relics have revived after thousands of years of deep sleep, which has moved people and surprised their historical fate.