Flower Mansion & Banyun Pavilion

With the deep memories of the city and folk customs, Xuzhou Flower Mansion & Banyun Pavilion sits in Huilongwo Historical and Cultural District. The hotel architecturally retains the elegance and simplicity of the late Qing Dynasty architecture and perfectly blends into the cultural style of the ancient city. The hotel is conveniently located for a visit to the neighboring Hubu Mountain, Kuaizaiting Park and Suning Plaza, allowing travelers to have a comfortable homey stay while touring the new and old attractions in this ancient city. The five quadrangles sit close to each other while each quadrangle stands alone. The veranda outside is shaded by green trees, and the grass and colorful flowers inside the courtyard form a splendorous contrast. The antiquity of brick walls, blue tiles and stone slabs is matched with the brightness and freshness of the natural landscape, and the quiet years of the old time start here.